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1. What will be capacity of the Freesat Humax HD in both GB and HD / SD recording times?

2. Can Humax confirm the Freesat Humax HD will record 720P HD with support for 1080P as / when the standard becomes available?

3. Can Humax confirm that the Freesat Humax HD can record HD even through the red button system.

4. Will the Freesat Humax HD be a high end product ie. aimed for the audio visual enthusiast with the emphasis on both picture and sound quality?

The capacity of the Freesat Humax HD is as yet undetermined, because the HDD market is changing and so are the needs of the product. I don’t know if it will be for launch but we are likely to offer an option for higher capacity no matter what we choose and the product should be able to archive to an external USB HDD anyway so I don’t think the capacity matters much.

The Humax PVR Freesat digibox records whatever the broadcaster sends 575i, 720p and 1080i are all broadcast formats. 1080p is not yet even a broadcast format and will not likely be for many years, however in theory the Freesat Humax HD box supports recording and playback of 1080p/25 or 24p. I doubt anyone would broadcast in this format unless it was a very specialist film channel and in my opinion they are horrible formats anyway.

The Humax PVR Freesat digibox product is a mass market product, however Humax is striving to better the quality of the audio/visual experience each time. We have taken note of the views of the reviewers of the The Humax PVR Freesat digibox and continue to strive for better results.

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