Humax Freesat HD

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For use on the Freesat satellite television platform, this twin tuner receiver the Humax Freesat HD, offers similar functionality to Sky+, without the subscription costs. By connecting two cables from your satellite dish to this PVR, you can record one channel whilst watching/recording or another; or even record two channels on the Humax Freesat HD whilst playing back something you've previously recorded. Combing this with the Freesat EPG, setting up recordings couldn't be easier, just find the programme you want, press record, and that's it, no manual timers.

Connections include HDMI, Scart, Optical Out and LNB In (x 2). The Humax PVR also has two USB ports, one front, one back and will be capable of linking up to an external hard drive for further storage capacity. The included Ethernet port will allow data transfer via FTP client to your computer, allowing for 100mb/sec transfer speeds; this however is a planned addition for a future roll out (not available from launch).

A quick scan of the Humax Freesat HD Freesat channels found around 70 Freesat Humax HD combined TV and radio stations.  You also have the option to do a manual scan and find everything that is available on the Astra satellites.  This came back with around 500 channels!  Needless to say, I factory reset and rescanned for the Humax Freesat HD Freesat channels.

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