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Humax HD Freesat

The Humax HD Freesat is the first Freesat+ digital TV recorder, offering the only way to pause, rewind and record Freesat high-definition (HD) digital TV, as well as providing access to a huge range of standard definition (SD) TV, radio and interactive channels with the Humax Freesat digibox. The Humax HD Freesat is bursting with Freesat+ recording features to capture the incredible colour, sound and crystal clear images of the BBC HD channel and ITV HD red button service.

Humax HD Freesat Digital Box Main features:

* Humax HD PVR SD and HD channels - Watch all free standard and high-definition channels available on the Humax HD PVR (FTA)
* Upscaled SD channels - See your standard-definition channels in upscaled quality
* Record SD and HD channels - Record all TV and Radio channels
* Play, Pause, Rewind - Full control of your channel viewing, FF/RW at x2, x4, x16, x64 speed
* Record two channels at once - Record one channel whilst watching/recording another on the Humax HD Freesat
* Easy record with the Humax Freesat digibox - Thank to the Freesat EPG, just click to record, no need for manual timers
* Series Link record facility - Just one click will schedule a full series of your favourite programme on the Humax HD Freesat
* Schedule tracking - Recordings start and finish on time, even when broadcasters change their schedule
* Split recordings - Record two-part programmes that may have a break in the middle for a news bulletin, such as films
* Massive 320GB hard drive - Record up to 160 hours of SD programmes on the Humax HD Freesat, or 80 hours in HD
* Easy installation and operation with the Humax Freesat digibox - Just connect to your TV and satellite dish

Humax Freesat PVR Features

Humax HD Freesat Ethernet network connection. Freesat PVR Humax USB connection. S/PDIF optical audio connection on the Humax PVR Freesat. YPrPb/RGB component analogue Humax Freesat HD output.Fully interactive with Humax Freesat LAN port for connection to broadband, for faster return path when accessing Humax HD PVR digital interactive services may not be available for launch of the Humax Freesat HD.

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