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Freesat PVR Humax

The Freesat PVR Humax Digital Box is the brand new twin tuner 320gb hard drive receiver from Humax, for use on the Freesat satellite television platform.

Freesat PVR Humax is a sleek black unit with smoked perspex front panel hides the very latest in PVR technology, allowing you to record up to 160 hours of standard-definition programming, or 80 hours in Humax Freesat PVR high-definition

Are you able to reveal any more about the use of the ethernet port on Freesat PVR Humax equipment?

Specifically, I would be very very interested in a Freesat PVR Humax with the option to network recordings, to save arguments in my household over who wants to watch what by having recordings accessible on televisions in other rooms via the network. I have a few-years-old Panasonic HDD/DVD recorder which has an ethernet port, but it…well, doesn’t work very well, shall we say.

I don’t want to comment on what the network port of the Freesat PVR Humax will do until later in the year because of industry competitiveness, but I will say that the plans are exciting and more than met my hopes.

So to BBC HD, there may be limited programmes available at present but what is on there looks very nice indeed.  The box itself can only output up to 1080i, but this is hardly an issue as all HD programmes are either shown in 720p or 1080i.  We tested it this evening watching Coldplay at the BBC and will give the new show Bonekickers a try later on.  There was no sign of the oft mentioned lip sync issue with the Freesat PVR Humax (apparently fixed completely in the latest firmware that I downloaded during setup).  It’s all very simple and straightforward on the Freesat PVR Humax.

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Freesat PVR Humax

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